The Contest of projects on presentation of budget for the citizens of the Russian Federation was launched

4 september 2014

Analytical Center together with the Ministry of Finance and the Governmental Commission for the coordination of open government has announced an open Contest of projects on presentation of budget of the Russian Federation for the citizens. The purpose of the Contest is to find budget formats that are the most interesting and clear for any citizen.

The budget for the citizens is a simplified version of the budget document, which uses informal language and accessible formats to make understanding of the budget easier for citizens. Analytical Center is actively involved in the process aimed at identifying and disseminating of best practices of public legal budget formation in a format that provides citizens with open and accessible information on public finances management.

This is the third Contest organized by the Analytical Center. The details and results of the first two Contests can be found here. The Contest participants - individuals and legal entities - should not only offer their own version of the budget presentation in an accessible form, but also to develop proposals for the practical implementation of their project. The deadline for submitting applications for pre-selection - from 6 to 10 October, 2014. More detailed information can be found here.