Draft law that legalize parallel imports was prepared

11 august 2014

Analytical Center issued a new bulletin on competition policy “On legalization of parallel imports”. It reviews, in particular, the provisions of the draft law designed by the FAS Russia.

The problem of legalization of parallel imports in Russia has been discussed for several years, but multiple studies often show contradictory results. However, the FAS Russia - a supporter of intercropping regime of exhaustion of intellectual property – has prepared a draft law “On Amendments to the part 4 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation”, the provisions of which will legalize parallel imports of goods of  foreign brands.

The authors give a detailed analysis of the possible consequences of legalization of parallel imports, the complexities of evaluating its effects, and review the main provisions of the draft law. You can find more information and news on this topic in the new bulletin “On legalization of parallel imports”.