All the necessary legal conditions for implementing energy service contracts in the field of Housing and Utilities Services have been created

3 july 2014

Head of Directorate for Housing and Communal Services of the Analytical Center Maria Shilina took part in the annual All-Russian forum “The system for Russian housing fund management”.

Within the frames of the Plenary session on “The system for housing fund management: current developments and future prospects” Maria Shilina presented the report “Energy saving in the Housing and Utilities Services sector”. This report was devoted to the program developed by the Analytical Center for energy efficiency modernization of apartment buildings and utility infrastructure within the frames of the scheme for energy service contracts, without additional costs to the budgets on all levels and for all the owners.

“At the moment, all the necessary legal conditions for implementing energy service contracts in the field of HUS sector at the federal level have been created“, - mentioned Ms. Shilina, adding that the existing institutional barriers can be removed by regional normative legal acts, procedural documents, the system for training owners and organizations managers.

Following the report, forum participants discussed the issues of creating an operator that will provide commercial accounting and management of energy resources consumption. Experts pointed out that the emergence of an independent operator will not only be an additional incentive for installing metering devices, but will create a mechanism for resolving conflicts between consumers and utility services providers. However, for a widespread creation of operators that provide commercial accounting, additional regulatory provisions must be introduced.

Within the two days of the forum, in the plenary and thematic sessions, managers of companies within Housing and Utilities Services sector, regional and municipal authorities in HUS, received explanations to questions about the licensing procedure for management companies, contract prices, new approaches to the calculation of fees for maintenance and repairs for apartment buildings. Also, the forum participants discussed the specifics of creating regional capital repairs systems for managing organizations, ways to ensure full collection of payments under the management contract, new conditions and control features in apartment buildings for management companies and others.