Experts discussed the development of competition in regions

2 july 2014

Analytical Center together with the Federal Antimonopoly Service held a workshop on "Implementation of competition development standard for the subjects of the Russian Federation”

As a result of a preliminary monitoring and survey conducted in regions, a list of issues was created regarding the implementation of the competition development standard in the Russian Federation. During the event, experts have tried to understand the problems that emerge in this process.

Deputy Director of the Department of Small and Medium Business and Competition of the Russian Ministry of Economic Development Kirill Emelyanov, reminded his colleagues that "promoting competition development is part of the general economic policy, which is aimed at implementing the principle of free trade”.

Head of the Accounting Department of the Federal Antimonopoly Service Vladimir Mishelovin, said that the progress reports must be submitted to the Government of the Russian Federation by 15 December 2014. “We are planning that the results of implementation of pilot projects will be examined by the Government in the first half of 2015, he said. - It is assumed that the reports on competition development, created by the subjects of the Russian Federation, will be included in the annual report “On the state of competition in the Russian Federation”. This report is being created by the Federal Antimonopoly Service together with the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, other federal executive authorities and business community”.

Participants to the workshop asked Mr. Emelyanov about the time frame in which the Presidential Decree will be adopted, according to which the functions, related to competition development and an appropriate set of key performance indicators, must be included in the provisions that regulate the executive authorities of the subjects of the Russian Federation. In answer to this question, Mr. Emelyanov said that The Ministry for Regional Development of the Russian Federation has already prepared a draft version of this Decree but it is still under development.

Representatives from the subjects of the Russian Federation shared their experience in implementing this standard. Reports were presented by representatives of Ulyanovsk, Yaroslavl, Nizhny Novgorod region, Khabarovsk Krai, Tatarstan, and St. Petersburg. Many regions have already prepared regulations, formed working groups and developed a plan for implementing the standard.

The regions pointed out a number of issues that they encounter when implementing the standard. Among them is the difficulty in monitoring certain markets. In their turn, representatives of federal authorities and of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives noted that the standard is not rigid. According to them, it is necessary that the subjects have the right to determine the areas where competition development is most important.