Strategic aspects of informatization

1 july 2014

On 26-27 June, the Head of Directorate for Information Technologies Aleksey Khromov participated at All-Russian forum “IT Dialogue-2014” in St. Petersburg. At this event Mr. Khromov presented a report on “Strategic aspects of informatization: legal framework and trends for the development of Information and Communication Technologies in the regions of Russia”.

In his speech, Alexey Khromov noted that despite the positive developments in rethinking the role and place of information technology in the improvement of public administration efficiency, as well as the existing momentum in the elaboration of strategic documents for industry development, the current situation shows that corrective actions are needed. Such actions are presented below.

To increase the consistency of the provisions and requirements of strategic documents – ICT development Strategy, state program “The Information Society” and the concept of regional informatization; at the moment this is not sufficient in terms of forming a unified concept and providing an integrated development of the ICT sector at the federal and regional levels by 2020 and in perspective till 2025.

Regardless of the great amount of work done by the Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications, there is the need for the newly introduces version of “The Information Society” state program, in order to achieve a substantial transformation.

To adjust the balance and the logical equilibrium in nomenclature, distribution levels and sectors where information resources and systems are applied and are scheduled for development as part of the requirements of strategic documents. At the moment there is a clear course change towards the creation of monitoring systems and data collection systems.  The class of analytical systems and information practically fell out of focus even though they are a key element of automatization.

The expert mentioned that Analytical Center is planning to conduct a roundtable with this topic in the third quarter. A report will be filed to the Government Office of the Russian Federation in order to create a consolidated position and specific proposals for finalization of the strategic documents in the field of ICT.

Alexey Khromov took part in the debates within the frames of the business program and spoke at the roundtable titled “Information technologies that provide analysis and forecasting for regional and municipal development”. He pointed out that despite the lack of attention from the federal government towards analytical systems and means of informatization, the expert community continues to work and get good theoretical and experimental results. The prospect of these developments is best understood at the regional level, where the most active and "advanced" IT departments managers are beginning to plan the establishment of analytical systems for the various activities of the public authorities and actively carry out experimental, theoretical and practical projects and obtain real effects.