When will the register for energy-saving technologies be created

30 june 2014

In response to the proposals on cooperation, coming from energy service organizations and manufacturers of energy-saving equipment, Analytical Center in collaboration with the Russian Association of Energy Service Companies (RAESCO), within an organizational meeting, have discussed the possibility to create on RAESCO basis, an assessment center for evaluation of available technologies on the market in this area.

In her opening speech, the Head of Directorate for Housing and Communal Services of the Analytical Center Maria Shilina, pointed out that recommendations must be made during the creation of the list of legal acts that are currently being developed by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation. The proposals to amend the existing legal framework from the point of view of the operator that provides commercial accounting of the consumed energy and water, should also be analyzed.

Director General of RAESCO Remir Mikumov mentioned that Association has the task to comprehend and launch the register for energy-saving technologies by using the mechanism of investment energy audit. He described this mechanism in his presentation. “Energy audit has several goals, - clarified the expert. – It is necessary to identify the best options for energy saving projects, to develop techniques for their implementation, and then to determine the main parameters for the development of their structure”. He also talked about the existing difference in the calculation of costs and savings between investment and traditional energy audits. In the first case, the value is determined by ratings, and savings by way of simulation. In the investment energy audit price is calculated using specific information from suppliers and other companies, and savings – using the results of measurements.

During the organizational meeting, experts noted that energy service companies need a unified methodology for determining the effect of energy services, as well as in an independent court of justice, which would resolve any issues between providers and consumers.