Analytical Center conducted a session on “Open Data: experience of the Russian Federation” in Erevan

24 june 2014

On 20 June 2014 Analytical Center together with Rossotrudnichestvo supported by the Government of the Russian Federation held a session on “Open Data: experience of the Russian Federation” within the frames of the Russian-Armenian business-forum DigiTec.

The session contained two roundtables dedicated to open data subject – “Open Data as a tool for global development” and “The role of open data in business development, best practices and examples”. The reports presented by participants and the discussion that followed, touched the topic of prospects for the development of tools used in operating with open data and implementation of open data in Russia and Armenia.

The topic of open data enjoys a lot of attention in Russia and is needed in Armenia. In Russia and Armenia, the solution for these issues can be found in the creation of various services for citizens based on open data that is published by the government authorities. This is why experience exchange in this area between Russia and Armenia is very useful.

Experts came to the agreement that public disclosure of data in education, transport, consumer services, tourism and electrification demanded by society and the activities for disclosing government data is an important task, which allows the increase of efficiency in economy. This work requires new approaches, methods, means and technologies for an integrated solution. There is also the need in a centralized coordination across the state in law enforcement, organizational, technical and methodological aspects.

The Open Data Portal which is currently under development in Russia, represents one of the key tools for implementing state policy in this area.

Business-forum DigiTec took place in Erevan on 20-21 June 2014.