Housing and communal services sector needs high-tech IT tools for data collecting and processing

11 june 2014

Head of the Directorate for Housing and Communal Services of the Analytical Center Maria Shilina, spoke out at the conference on “IT infrastructure: optimal development”. The event was dedicated to the issues in IT-development in the context of a continuing use of social networks in business, increasing volumes of chaotic electronic data and other modern trends.

“One of the main conditions for a stable HCSS is the balance of interests for three active groups: community, government and business. Each of them has its own goals, needs and interests”, said Maria Shilina in the report on “The creation of IT-infrastructure in HCSS. Building new markets”. The expert considers that such a balance can’t be achieved without relevant, reliable and processable information along with high-tech tools for its collecting and processing.

At the moment, IT-market sums 200 thousands companies that represent a potential for HCSS. Quality commercial decisions will help reaching each one of them in order to collect the necessary data. According to Ms. Shilina, minimizing the interference in the activity of these companies represents a compulsory condition for a successful collaboration.