Key development trends of IT industry were identified at Khanty-Mansiysk Forum

10 june 2014

Head of Directorate for Information Technologies Aleksey Khromov participated in the VI International IT-Forum devoted to information technology as the innovation base for strategic regional development of BRICS countries.

Aleksey Khromov presented the report “Strategical aspects of regional informatization” at the session “Electronic government technology. IT solutions for governmental sector”. He said that a constructive redefinition of the role and place of information and information technologies is taking place, which should be seen as strategic resource of the country and must be treated with the respect they deserve. “IT is used in almost all activities, penetrating all levels of government, vertically and horizontally. The quality of governmental activities, sustainability of economic and social development of the country as a whole are depending on the effectiveness of IT”, said the expert.

State authorities are aware of the importance of this matter. In a relatively short period of time, three new top-level interconnected regulatory documents were created and implemented - The development strategy for the information technology industry in the Russian Federation for 2014-2020 and in perspective up to 2025; roadmap “The development of the information technology industry” and the government program “Information Society (2011-2020)”. The concept of regional informatization has been prepared and is under public discussion.

According to Aleksey Khromov, amongst fundamental features of IT implementation in Russia that are expressed in these documents are: the attempt to present and interpret the IT sector as a separate industry, orientation of IT-solutions toward the needs of the public and provision of the demanded services. The expert believes that a systemic vision of development trends in the industry is already formed. However, other issues remain and require our intervention. For example, the government program “Information Society” does not have sufficient coverage regarding the goals and objectives set by the Development Strategy of the information technology industry in the Russian Federation. The concept of regional informatization gives a general idea about ​​ the expected effects, but without developing and improving the ways to achieve those goals. Other aspects require in-depth work also.