The experts discussed what else needs to be changed in national education

5 june 2014

Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation hosted a discussion on the concept of the annual report on the implementation of the state policy in education in 2013, submitted by the Government of the Russian Federation to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. The elaboration of this document is provided by Part 2 of Article 3 of the Federal Law “On education in the Russian Federation”

“I wish that by the end of our discussion, we could be able to offer the Government some ideas on how to expand this document, following the tasks that were set by the federal law on education”, said Deputy Director General of the Analytical Center Gleb Pokatovich, in his opening speech.

During the event, experts discussed the structure and content of the report as well as the results and prospects of state policy implementation in education.

Rector of the Moscow State Pedagogical University Igor Remorenko, proposed that the form of the report be changed into a White paper. “This type of analytical genre suggests the description of a particular field of activity that is different than a report on the parameters”, said the expert. According to him, the report should be supplemented by statistical and analytical data, as well as expert discussions.

Amongst other proposals that were voiced by the experts, one in particular needed to be included in the report – the modern-day online education. The issues that must be addressed in regard with this matter are financing and splitting in 3 key blocks: strategic, practical (practical-analytical) and forecasting (scenario forecasting).

Following the event, two documents will be prepared by the professional community for submission to the Government of the Russian Federation.