Impediments to digital economy’s development in regions identified

3 december 2019

Experts of the Analytical Center have prepared a report, “Impediments to the digital economy’s development in constituent territories of the Russian Federation,” on the basis of a poll of regional executive authorities. For the purposes of the poll, the impediments were divided into groups, such as normative and legal, administrative and managerial, financial, information, etc.

According to the results, regions describe as key implements to the digital economy’s development difficulties with the training of skilled workforce, and deficiency of normative and legal regulation and regional budget funding. Administrative and managerial impediments and difficulties with the development of information infrastructure and the implementation of projects based on comprehensive digital technologies were brought up, as well.

These key impediments are identical for most constituent territories of the Russian Federation. The regions view as the most serious the impediments regarding the training of workforce. First of all, there is a shortage of graduates with relevant managerial and analytical competences, and, secondly, far from all workers possess sufficient digitalization skills, not to mention the outflow of specialists.

Regions view as the second most important impediment the insufficiency of normative and legal acts, which lay down new principles of public and municipal services, and it is impossible to accomplish digital transformation of state governance without that. The report contains a table listing the main normative and legal impediments and proposals aimed at their minimization.

Forty constituent territories of the Russian Federation said that regional budgets did not have enough funds for the digital economy program. Besides, the report presents answers to the poll questions regarding other impediments and the number of regions that see them as topical.

The report authors made proposals on minimizing the impact of every identified impediment.

Read more in the report, “Impediments to the digital economy’s development in constituent territories of the Russian Federation.”

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