Experts discussed the strategic directions of Russian antimonopoly policy

28 may 2014

Analytical Center hosted an expert discussion on “Enforcement in antimonopoly policy: trends and prospects” the reason for which was the report of Yannis S. Katsoulacos, Professor at Athens University of Economics and Business.

Professor Yannis S. Katsoulacos presented a report  on “The enforcement of competition law: recent developments and lessons from economic theory”. The report touched on a number of current issues of antimonopoly policy: the optimal decision-making standards of the antimonopoly and regulatory authorities, sanctions for violations of competition law, the effect of legal uncertainty and errors on law enforcement results.

In the discussion that followed the report, Russian experts talked about national situation and debated the possibility of practical application of the proposals made ​​by the Greek counterpart.

The main opponent of the speaker was professor of the Higher School of Economics - National Research University (HSE) Svetlana Avdasheva who described the roundtable as having a new format and being a very useful event. “We didn’t gather to discuss a specific and separate problem but to evaluate the strategic directions of Russian antimonopoly policy, said Ms. Avdasheva. – And the report of Dr. Katsoulacos helped us achieve that it contains information on how organize an optimal enforcement policy”.

According to the expert, the value of the report is that there are no debates on what should be prohibited or permitted within antimonopoly policy in different countries. But the main question encountered by experts in every country is what needs to be done so violators will surely receive their punishment and companies will refrain from breaking the law. Ms. Avdasheva added that it is important not to sanction by mistake a practice that is beneficial for both the company and its clients.