The country needs a document justifying the economic consequences of the situation in the sphere of social orphanhood

27 may 2014

Analytical Center held a discussion on the concept note of the Report on the economic consequences of the current situation in the field of social orphanhood.

Analytical Center is planning to conduct a research which will be the base for a report on the economic consequences of the current situation in the field of social orphanhood. Also, the Analytical Center wants to compare the budget and cost-effectiveness of different mechanisms for solving the existing problems in this sphere like: preventing children from being sent to institutions in connection with forced removal from their families of or at the request of the parents, facilitate the return of children back to their natural or foster families, improvement of institutions, socialization of graduates and parents with rights limitations, etc. The concept of such a report was presented to the expert community at the roundtable and participants discussed the possibility of obtaining the necessary data to prepare it.

First Deputy Director General of the Analytical Center Vladislav Onischenko noted that the report will include an assessment of the budgetary and economic efficiency of the current situation in the field of social orphanhood, its short, medium and long-term consequences and alternative scenarios. “We analyze the “cost to society” of one child under three financial and economic models. The first one is – “the natural family”, when the child remains to live with his parents. The second one is – “the foster family”, when the child is sent to a different family with partial government guarantees and without them. The third is – “institutional arrangement”, in which the child is determined to live in an institution”, said the First Deputy Director General. Each of the models is a variable one. Graduates from institutions and families that are at risk, including limited in parental rights are also in the focus of research.

Analytical Center expects to make recommendations to change the system. This will lead to more children growing up in families, live a healthy lifestyle, getting a good education, find employment and independence, create harmonious families and thus generate not only a positive social, but also fiscal and economic impact.

The investigation will reveal if this project will require additional budget spending in short and long-term. In the first stage, it is planned to rely on expert evaluation beside statistical data and existing analytical work.