Evgeny Gasho: “A new generation of managers for the household fund is born here”

26 may 2014

This is precisely how Evgeny Gasho, expert of the Analytical Center, described the international seminar on “Energy efficiency as the main criteria for a qualitative management of the apartment buildings” which took place on 22-23 May 2014 in Kaliningrad.

The seminar lasted two days and included a discussion of different trends in the development of housing and utilities sector, the role of management companies and a practical session. The participants worked in groups to solve 2 tasks: how to make the management company to be focused on its clients and what can a management company do to increase energy efficiency of apartment buildings.

In his presentation, Evgeny Gasho made a classification of systemic causes for energy inefficiency in housing and utilities sector and showed how much energy efficiency can be improved. The expert also commented on the most effective actions that can be taken in capital repairs of apartment buildings.

“Representatives of management companies gather at roundtables and discuss how to comply with the needs of their clients, explain the importance and reveal opportunities for housing and energy efficiency improvement. This is already a big achievement and shows the great amount of work that has been done over the past years in Kaliningrad”, mentioned Mr. Gasho. The expert expressed his hope that this type of positive practice will be conducted in other regions too.