The Strategy will become the starting point for the construction industry development

8 november 2019

"The draft Construction Industry Development Strategy was submitted to the government at the end of September, but the creation of the industry development mechanisms has not been completed. There will be the most active phase of developing an action plan for the implementation of this large-scale document", the first deputy head of the Analytical Center Gleb Pokatovich said at the forum "Construction Industry. Horizon 2030".

He told that, along with the preparation of the strategic document, the team of authors was instructed to create an effective and active industry community. As a result of long and sometimes hot discussions, the experts managed to formulate priorities and targets for the development of the construction industry.

"The construction industry forms more than 50% of investments in the economy, covers almost all spheres of the social and economic life of the country and concerns every citizen. It is the scale and diversity that required an innovative approach to the preparation of the main strategic document", Pokatovich said. "We all want the construction industry to be a fastest-growing, cost-effective and competitive sector of the economy that has good performance and impeccable reputation."

The speaker added that now it is necessary to develop a road map based on the Strategy, turn it into a set of tactical actions and measures with deadlines, responsible persons, resources and results. It should be understood that the functioning of the construction industry will largely be determined by other programs related to the development of the private housing construction and the utilities sector. In addition, the industry will be influenced by general economic indicators, in particular, by inflation rate, energy prices, demand and incomes of the population.

"We expect to develop such an action plan, due to which in 10 years we will be a step away from the construction industry such as it is represented in the Strategy", Pokatovich concluded.