Experts Work on Improving Data in FIAS

30 october 2019

The reference directory of addresses must be complete, up-to-date, correct, manageable and open. Experts discussed the issue of improving the algorithm for interaction of data providers with the Federal Information Address System at a round table in the Analytical Center.

According to Ivan Fost, an expert at the Analytical Center, improving the quality of FIAS is one of the areas of the experiment on developing the National Data Management System. He believes that the problems in the system’s operation are caused by the lack of rights for municipalities to quickly adjust the data and the complexity of their moderation. In particular, it is possible to remove an address from FIAS only after removing the object from cadastral registration, which implies an additional burden on the budget of municipalities.

Participants in the discussion pointed to the need for comprehensive data verification in each region. For this purpose, in their opinion, it is required to develop a single standard for reconciling street names and house numbers. Today, each settlement works according to its own rules. The National Data Management System may be the platform for such reconciliation. In addition, experts proposed to establish permanent communication between FIAS and data providers — Federal State Statistics Service, Federal Service for State Registration, Cadaster and Cartography, Ministry of Justice, Russian Post, the Federal Road Transport Agency, and municipalities.

During the discussion, participants noted that it would be advisable to store statistical information about the object in the FIAS, for example, a list of organizations, as well as add a coordinate reference to the addresses.