Ecology of construction is not in fashion yet

19 may 2014

“Green construction is still an exception, not a fashion trend”, said Evgeny Gasho, expert of the Analytical Center, speaking about an energy efficiency of urban facilities at the roundtable discussion “Ecology of Construction and Urban Planning: the City’s Needs and Plans of the Companies” held in St. Petersburg.

Currently, the green approach to construction and technology is so highly prevalent in the West that the term “green construction” is losing its relevancy since it is the only approach used. In contrast, in Russia green construction has just emerged. Many companies claim to implement resource efficient and environmentally sensitive projects, and it is, certainly a step forward, since several years ago such statements were very few. But how far is the reality of deep penetration of green approaches in construction practices in Russia, what approaches and technologies are mostly needed for cities, which of them are popular among companies?

“There are various obstacles in the way of energy efficiency when it comes to green construction, and its expensiveness in not always the primary one”, said Mr. Gasho. According to the expert, developers, investors, customers and public authorities should simultaneously adapt a habit to strive for efficiency and non-waste policy, and for that matter it is important to introduce independent solutions through compromises and well-balanced decisions and not blindly copying Western approaches and remedies.

The roundtable was held on May, 16 being hosted by the Public Forum “Future Petersburg” in association with RBC media holding “North-West”, Center for Urban Competencies at the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA), and NP “Association of Builders of St. Petersburg”.