Challenges of energy interdependence

13 may 2014

A new issue of Energy Bulletin focusing on the issues of energy interdependence has just been released by the Analytical Center.

The main highlights of the Bulletin are:

- Energy security: approaches to define and evaluate

The challenges of the modern world are ample: the players have to adapt to an increasingly complex environment, they suffer from great risk exposure and have to act amid uncertainty. The main pressures in the energy field are the looming threat of resource scarcity and the rising energy prices. The regulations and approaches in the energy security field mediate between the interests of different states and players in the international energy supply chain.  However, in 2014, the idea of energy ratemaking being based on the reasonable price approach has become strange: prices for every energy resource are volatile, which irritates the consumers and are – with few exceptions – disadvantageous for the producers.

- Energy supply to Crimea: risks and opportunities

 Energy supply to Crimea is an issue having political, economic, technological and psychological aspects to it. The authors provide an analysis striving to prognosticate whether rational solutions and agreements can be reached on the transit of electricity to the Crimea peninsula.

- Gas pipelines in Central and Eastern Europe: the intertwined fortunes

At the moment, Europe is trying to solve a contradictory challenge: how to develop an extensive and reliable gas transmission system while preserving the power margins and securing a reverse action strategy. The growing interdependence in the energy sector calls for depoliticisation and greater circumspection in tackling the issues in the field. No radical solution can be implemented overnight, but in the long term it is possible to ensure that all the main interests are taken into consideration.

To find out more on these and many other topics, please see the new issue of the Energy Bulletin.