Mobile phone users are not in a hurry to change the mobile network operator

15 may 2014

The Adviser to the Director General of the Analytical Center Yuri Ammosov presented a report on “Mobile phone user – 2015” at the III International Forum “MVNO & MNP Russia 2014”.

The expert spoke out about a model for prospective user demand regarding mobile number portability services (MNP) that was prepared on the basis of the current demand for these services in 2015. According to this model, the number of switches from one mobile network operator to another will be in 2014 between 600 000 and 2 200 000, which is 11-24 times less than it was forecasted before the MNP services were launched (24-36 millions).

Yuri Ammosov also made an analysis of possible incentives for mobile phone users, taking into consideration the quality of mobile data transmission, and prepared some forecasts on the development of these services which are to be provided by the mobile network operators after 2015.