The Analytical Center and Research Institute Voskhod Sign a Cooperation Agreement

30 august 2019

The Analytical Center and Research Institute Voskhod have signed an agreement to cooperate on the development of the digital economy.

The common goals of the two organizations include development of digital solutions for the public and private sectors, introduction of new formats of effective interaction between the state and the public, development of concession and private public partnership mechanisms for the creation and operation of information technology solutions.

In addition, the parties will be together developing effective data exchange methods for state authorities, organizations and natural persons as well as taking part in the creation of a convenient and simple to use interface for the provision of government services.

"We see our job in preparing information analytics, expert and methodological materials about how to organize work with data in the public and private sectors. The creation of the national data management system, modernization and technological development of the country's economy, these projects are hard to implement without modern technologies and that's what we're going to be working on under the agreement we signed," said the Head of the Analytical Center Vladislav Onischenko.

Voskhod designs, deploys, operates and develops information systems, hardware and software solutions as well as infrastructure for the development of digital economy in the Russian Federation.

"Our researchers provide tech support and development services for the national data management system, design and refine the shared technology architecture that is used in the digitization of state services. We have very important job of creating and maintaining a shared environment for the development of state information systems and digital services as well as providing consultancy services for research studies in this field," explained Voskhod CEO Andrey Badalov.

At the moment work groups are already being set up for all key areas of operation, priorities are being identified and work is underway to develop a joint action plan.