Leningrad Region Takes Part in an Experiment Involving Creation of National Data Management System

30 august 2019

The Leningrad Region has been included in the list of pilot regions that will be experimenting with the creation of a national data management system. An agreement to that effect was signed Tuesday by the government of the region and the Analytical Center.

"The Russian government, the Analytical Center of the Russian government pin a lot of hopes on the success of this experiment because with the Leningrad region as an example we're going to test new technology innovations that will then be used across the country, allowing us to create an effective national data management system that should improve the quality and standardization of our information resources at both the federal and regional levels," said Vladislav Onischenko, the Head of the Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation after signing the agreement.

The experiment should improve the quality and accessibility of the data contained in the federal address database, in the registry of voters as well as in the new analytical platform currently in development at the Federal Statistics Service, sources in the press service of the government of the Leningrad Region have said.

The Leningrad Region governor Alexander Drozdenko noted that it is important to learn to manage big data in order to ensure good quality of management decisions. "The regions that were included in the experiment today will have to synchronize their data with those of the Russian Federation, learn to use shared data because we really want to make all management decisions on the basis of big data and that's quite a tall order, which means there is a lot to learn but I do believe that the Russian Federation is going to help us with that," Mr Drozdenko said.

The data management system will include methodological, legal, organizational, management, information technology elements to ensure coordination at the federal, regional and municipal levels when it comes to the processing of state data.

In late May the head of the Ministry for Communications Konstantin Noskov said that his ministry with the help of other government agencies was going to conduct five experiments through the end of March 2020 as part of the efforts to create a national data management system. The creation of a national data management system is part of the Digital Economy national program.

Source: TASS