Expert Analysis of Global and Russian Non-Resource Exports Trends

23 august 2019

The Analytical Center has published a new quarterly survey of changes and trends in the regulations of non-resource exports. The experts have analyzed both projected and legislative changes introduced in Q2 2019 related to non-resource exports in Russia, the EEU and worldwide.

The authors of the survey write that the process of creating a network of e-customs continues in Russia. Moreover, by 2020 the government plans to lift a number of exchange control restrictions with regard to the repatriation of foreign currency earnings from non-resource exports. Experts noted that this country's government approved the rules for awarding grants in the form of subsidies for the implementation of individual activities under the Education Export federal project, part of the Education national project.

Section "In the Russian Spotlight" features a special article about the impact of digital economy on the evolution and structure of foreign trade.

In order to provide an additional assistance to the exporters, the analysts keep writing the column "Logistics in figures" with the analysis of cost and terms of delivery of cargoes from Russia to foreign buyers in Q2 2019, and they also compare the cost of cargo deliveries from Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Volgograd and Novosibirsk to Shanghai.

More details of the survey entitled "Changes and Trends in the Regulation of Non-Raw-Materials Exports in Russia and the World in Q2 2019".

The other surveys of changes and trends in the regulation of the non-resource exports in Russia and worldwide are available here.