New Fuel and Energy Regulations in Russia and Worldwide in April-June 2019

21 august 2019

Changes in the rules for exporting oil and petroleum products from Russia to Belarus and Kazakhstan, creation of new energy facilities, development of a common electricity market for the EEU: these were some of the topics included in the new publication on fuel and energy regulations in Russia and worldwide prepared based on data for Q2 2019.

Experts have studied the changes made to the rules for exporting oil and petroleum products from Russia to Belarus and Kazakhstan as well as restrictions on exports to Ukraine. The analysts had their attention drawn to the approval of the doctrine for the energy security of the Russian Federation and construction of a maritime LNG transhipment facility in the Murmansk region.

Among the changes that are being planned by the government they specifically noted improvements in the procedure for connecting to natural gas distribution infrastructure, transfers of money between budgets to convert transport to CNG and creation of active energy facilities.

On the international markets the experts noted such developments as the emergence of a common electricity market in the EEU, amendments to the EU natural gas directive, liberalisation of the oil and natural gas transportation sector in China and measures aimed at supporting the development of the energy infrastructure in the US.

The publication keeps a special section on the analysis on international sanction against the Russian energy sector.

Traditionally, the publication was prepared with the participation of specialists of the EY Moscow Oil and Gas Center.

For more details see the publication Changes and Trends in Regulation of Russian and Global Fuel and Energy Sector: Focus on Q2 2019.

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