Business community and public authorities combine their efforts to fight for energy efficiency

30 april 2014

On the 29th of April of this year one of the experts of the Analytical Center, Dmitry Khomchenko, took part in the roundtable “Improvement of evaluation mechanism for innovative, energy efficient and eco-friendly design solutions complying with technical regulatory requirements”.

On this event, organized by the All-Russian non-governmental organization “Business Russia”, the existing praxis of compliance confirmation of the project documentation with the technical regulatory requirements was discussed, as well as the issues of applying the energy efficient materials in civil industry and farm engineering, while designing the buildings and constructions based on individual developed special technical conditions.

The use of such practices leads to low tempos of implementation of modern, energy efficient and environmentally safe design solutions in engineering, additional financial burden is laid on the business, the deadlines for the terms of capital construction objects are shifted, federal executive authorities agreeing on the special technical conditions carry additional organizational burden. The roundtable participants developed proposals how to improve mechanisms of compliance conformation for the project documentation with the voluntary requirements of the standards and rules, as well as with mandatory requirements of the technical regulations.

“Active position of business representatives and their close cooperation with the stakeholders from the governmental authorities only can change the existing situation”, Dmitry Khomchenko believes. He reported that the Analytical Center deals with this issue and plans to organize in May this year on own venue the roundtable dedicated to the issues of regulatory requirements according thermal insulation of buildings in terms of their energy efficiency in engineering.