We need to create a cross-industry summary supplier database

1 august 2019

Pavel Tikhomirov, Head of the Corporate Procurement Department of the Analytical Center, spoke at the conference "Corporate Procurement 2019" about the need to create a cross-industry supplier database.

"Such need is long overdue, we need a summary database equipped with additional services for assessment of risks, business reputation, capacity utilization, level of production equipment and other parameters," believes the expert.

In 2018, the Unified Information System registered 27.5 thousand customers falling under the Law 223-FZ and 208.5 thousand suppliers participating in their procurement, that is, 8 suppliers per each customer.

"If it were possible to distribute inspection of all suppliers among customers equally and to exchange reliable results, each customer could spend only 16 man-hours a year for verification of basic data on contractors: legal capacity, tax debt, criminal records, not being in the process of winding up, etc.," explained Tikhomirov. "Now large corporations spend much more time only on mandatory verification of these data from participants of competitive procurement."

Each corporation maintains internal databases on its suppliers and contractors, using the information stored in them to analyze the performance, good faith, resource availability of contractors. However, such information resources are limited to industry contracts, and if a supplier works with several customers from different industries, the breach of contractual obligations in one industry does not become obvious to the players of the other one. "There is no such information in the known resources that accumulate open data on companies," noted the expert.

Tikhomirov considers that one of the solutions to this problem is the association of customers or the accumulation of data from industry information systems into a single unified resource.