Regions Need an Integrated Digitalization Management Center

31 july 2019

Regions need a unified coordinator for introduction of digital technologies and distribution of best practices. This subject was discussed by the participants of the round table "Digital Economy Development Projects in the Russian Regions" held in the Analytical Center.

This spring, experts conducted a survey among 79 subjects of the Russian Federation, said Victoria Gimadi, Head of the Department for Fuel, Energy and Housing Utilities of the Analytical Center. It turned out that regional digitalization programs exist or are being developed only in 34 regions. "Regions solve similar problems relating to the development of public municipal management, introduction of automated information systems in the healthcare, education and transport spheres," Gimadi explained.

At the same time, the participants of the round table noted that the regions often do not understand how to implement digital technologies and which best practices to apply. According to them, a unified digitalization management center is required for the synchronization of processes.

The Analytical Center plans to more actively interact with regional authorities for the development of the digital economy, said Tatiana Radchenko, Deputy Head of the Analytical Center. This relates to expert, organizational and methodological support of the end-to-end digital technology projects.

The Analytical Center will also maintain an experiment on the improvement of data quality in the National Data Management System. During pilot trials of the system, 13 regions will connect their information systems to the National Data Management System and then make proposals on improvement of the regulatory base, requirements to the structure and properties of data, said Alexander Malakhov, Head of the Division for Methodological Support for Data Handling of the Analytical Center.

The Ministry of Communications of Russia also makes great efforts on promoting best practices. The Ministry develops the methods for selecting regional projects to be further included to the bank of best practices for each industry and distributed across the regions, told Zarina Bagieva, a lead expert of the Ministry of Communications. "When analyzing the projects, attention will be paid to financial and technical aspects," the expert explained. "Legal entities will be provided with grants, if their projects are included to the data bank."

The Ministry also plans to form a pool of regional managers who will be a link between a respective region and the Ministry of Communications. It is planned that all the regions will be distributed between the managers who will centrally resolve the issues related to digitalization.