Experts discussed the state support for exports of domestic industrial products

28 april 2014

Head of the Directorate for WTO Policies of the Analytical Center Inna Dudykina spoke out at the roundtable “Russian state policy on protection and support for industrial sector regarding Russia’s membership in the WTO and the Customs Union”.

The expert told about the directions for support for exports of domestic industrial products, considering the WTO and the OECD rules and guidelines. “One of  the most important directions for development of economic policy of the Russian Federation at present stage is export development, increasing the share of production with a high level processing and increasing the competitiveness of Russian production on external market”, - considers Ms. Dudykina.

The expert indicated the export subsidies as the most important tool of foreign trade policy that helps local governments to support their producers, making them more competitive. “It is worth noting that within the frameworks of WTO membership it is allowed to provide state support for domestic exports, if these activities are implemented in accordance with the provisions of the OECD Arrangement on officially supported export credits”, - she clarified.

The expert also indicated conditions and tools of export support which allow to reduce risks and to bring Russian production to a new level.

The roundtable was held on the 24th April at the International Center for Sustainable Energy Development under the auspices of UNESCO. Among the participants of this event were representatives of ICSED, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the Eurasian Economic Commission, the Public Council under the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation and other leading academics and industry experts of Russia.