Development of analytical services can help Russian exporters

16 july 2019

"The presidential decree has set for us very ambitious goals to achieve 250 billion dollars a year in non-raw-material non-energy exports and 100 billion dollars a year in services exports by 2024. One of the tools to promote export development is to provide analytical support to Russian exporters," said Ksenia Bannikova, Head of the Department for Foreign Economic Activity of the Analytical Center, opening the round table "Analytics for exporters: company needs, market opportunities and government support."

Exporters need analytics, first of all, at the initial stages of the life cycle, noted Mikhail Sneg, Director for Export Policy and Analysis of the Russian Export Center. "By analytics we mean analysis of data related to world trade, exports, barriers to foreign markets, determination of sales prospects in certain countries, market entry strategy and a number of related issues – search for partners, logistics optimization," the expert explained.

According to the participants of the round table, analytics strongly influences the strategy of business development and, without it, it is extremely difficult to reach the international level. Today, such services, both for a fee and free of charge, are provided by large commercial companies, government agencies and subject matter experts. However, business rarely seeks help.

Thus, according to Alexander Litvinov, Director for Development of Europack LLC, Russian exporters are entitled to a subsidy for transportation of agricultural products, but often this support measure remains unclaimed. "The manufacturer of products may receive a subsidy of up to 80-100 thousand rubles, but many major exporters are afraid of interacting with public authorities to obtain it. There are fears that it is difficult, that it will not be paid or will be paid partially," said Litvinov. "Therefore, it is necessary to carry out information work to ensure that exporters know the possibilities for optimizing logistics."

In addition, according to experts, business needs a number of services that service centers do not provide yet. In particular, it is an automated search for tenders and analysis of the competitiveness of the product in the market in terms of cost and quality. This work will be in demand by both industry departments of ministries and exporters, the round table participants noted. A single logistics calculator, which will analyse the transportation conditions of different companies, may also be useful.

Support for exporters should be centralized at the regional level, added the Director of the Association "Assistance to the Development of Foreign Economic Activity" For this purpose, he believes, it is necessary to develop export strategies for the regions. The document should specify the regional goods with the highest export potential, identify resources for the promotion of competitive products, priority sales markets, possible barriers, and create a base of regional exporters.