When authorities will adopt the non-paper interaction?

24 april 2014

The Government of the Russian Federation is currently discussing the issue on a large-scale development and introduction of electronic document management system for public authorities of the Russian Federation, as well as the possibilities of using such a system for interdepartmental interaction and for electronic archiving of the documents. Experts discussed the development options for these work areas during the roundtable on “Electronic document management systems for public authorities: basic approaches, experience of introduction and prospects for development” which was held at the Analytical Center.

Opening the roundtable, the Head of Directorate for Information Technologies of the Analytical Center Alexey Khromov noticed that huge amount of work was done by now in the area of creating and implementing of electronic documents processing system for the public authorities of federal and regional levels. Now it is time to take the interim results, discuss the current issues and their solutions, as well as to determine the further direction.

The Head of the Department for informatization projects of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation Andrey Chernenko reported about the main activity results, trends and further ways to develop systems and electronic documents storage and processing facilities, as well as about regulatory and procedural measures to ensure the creation, implementation and use of these systems by the public authorities. According to him, the Ministry had been facing the task to stimulate federal executive authorities to make the independent transition to the electronic workflow. “We should have created the environment where federal executive authorities would be interested themselves in changing, developing electronic interaction”, - believes Chernenko. Most documents are currently processed manually. The official told: “The system of electronic document management between the departments certainly exists, but there are nuances. There are only 30% of all authorities connected to the system, while the electronic document management process is often not build properly”. It is worth mentioning that by the year 2017 an almost full transition of all federal executive authorities towards the electronic workflow within the interdepartmental interaction is planned.

The official told that electronic workflow technologies are currently being intensively tested in close cooperation with two major authorities – Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Economic Development. “We are having not only technological problems here”, - noticed Mr. Chernenko. “We needed serious administrative changes”. Nevertheless, he believes that his colleagues are working on solving of these issues and these authorities are going to start a non-paper interaction soon. Mr. Chernenko also reported about pilot projects dedicated to the technical exchange of electronic documents with the use of departmental systems that were conducted last year and indentified a great amount of problems that need solutions.

The Ministry plans to start a more intensive work on spreading the positive experience to the regional public authorities and a more wide involvement in the pilot projects regarding the electronic documents processing, interdepartmental interaction and archiving, as well as to increase the efficiency of interaction with representatives of the expert community. Moreover, we need to work systematically on refining the regulatory and methodological support and developing the requirements that can regulate all key processes to achieve the electronic interaction between the public authorities, electronic processing and archiving of the documents.

Another discussion topic was the question whether public authorities need to seek modernization of electronic document management up to the ECM-systems level. According to the Deputy Head of the Directorate for Information Technologies of the Analytical Center Yury Arefyev, using the solutions based on ECM-platform can increase the efficiency of state authorities in working with data, which process a bigger amount of information. The expert added that currently ECM-systems are weakly used in public authorities.

During the event representatives from Yaroslavl, Kaluga, Voronezh regions and Komi Republic, that were one of the first to switch to the electronic document management, shared their experience.