Russian Civil Servants Evaluated the Results of Their Work

5 july 2019

The first stage of testing the system for evaluating the effectiveness of public sector organizations (the Common Assessment Framework, CAF) has been completed in a number of Russian regions. The civil servants of the Ulyanovsk, Kaliningrad, and Novgorod Regions evaluated the business processes and the results of their work for the citizens.

CAF is an international quality management assessment tool designed specifically for public authorities. Experts of the Analytical Center and the World Bank are working on adapting the system for our country. It is assumed that further evaluation results will assist in optimizing and improving the efficiency of public agencies.

“This assessment reflects the ongoing activity of public authorities: from goal setting to operational work,” explained Anton Steshenko, Head of the Department for Strategic Development, Public Administration, and Regional Policy at the Analytical Center. “The main task of the regions is the implementation of Decree No. 204. They are tasked with reducing poverty, increasing the scale of housing construction, etc. Optimization of processes will allow maximizing the use of resources necessary to achieve national goals.”

Thus, 180 people who participated in the CAF testing answered 120 questions in detail about the activities of their departments, the organization of business processes, the resources available and the effectiveness of their work for citizens, the business community and civil servants themselves. Maya Gusarova, a senior public sector specialist at the World Bank, said that the survey showed high results. “This means that state structures have the main practices that are important for good governance,” explained the expert. “The respondents gave the lowest rating to business processes. This is an important aspect where resources turn into results.” She added that all pilot regions needed to improve the organization of work of civil servants.

Respondents highly rated the results of their work for citizens. “This reflects the fact that Russia paid increased attention to the improvement of public services for the last 10-15 years, and their quality is being constantly monitored,” Mrs. Gusarova added.

Experts noted that, following the results of the first stage of testing, the testing algorithm would be improved, and civil servants of other entities would be questioned in a pilot mode. It is planned that in the future the effectiveness evaluation system will be scaled to all regions of the country.