Business Will Get Benefits for Implementing Digital Projects

7 june 2019

IT projects can get preferential loans. Such support measure is provided for by the Digital Technology Federal Project. The Analytical Center experts discussed basic support measures, interaction of participants, and criteria for selecting projects and authorized credit organizations.

"Right now we are in the process of establishing the committees that will select banks and authorize them to grant federal subsidies, as well as pick projects in IT domain. The Analytical Center will provide information, analytical, organizational and methodological support for the committees," noted Tatiana Radchenko, Deputy Head of the Analytical Center.

The round-table participants noted that preferential loans is the most sought after support measure. Therefore, the support mechanism should be extremely clear and simple.

The loans are planned to be provided for up to 6 years at an annual rate of 1% to 5%, with the maximum amount of 1.5 billion rubles. However, the maximum and minimum loan volumes have not been defined yet.

The experts are developing the mechanisms for selecting banks, borrowers and projects eligible for preferential loans.

"As for selecting authorized banks, the following criteria is established: systemically important banks and state corporation involved in coordination of activities of development institutions will participate in the program without pre-selection. Other organizations that meet the criteria will need to go through competitive procedures," explained Victoria Gimadi, the expert of the Analytical Center.

The preferential conditions will be applied to the projects on transformation of priority sectors of economy and social sphere, introduction of domestic products, services and platform solutions as well as the projects related to the priorities and technologies defined by road maps for the end-to-end development of digital technologies. In addition, at least 60% of the funds received should be used for the purchase, installation and commissioning of equipment and software related to digital technology.

The funds should be allocated exclusively for the implementation of specific shortlisted projects.

Mikhail Nasibulin, Director of the Department for the Coordination of Implementation of Digital Economy Projects of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation, clarifies that the decision on preferential loans is undergoing the final stage of approval by the government, and the procedure for the interaction of all the parties involved will be regulated by separate industry-specific documents.