The Expert Told Which Indicators Were Important for Ranking Projects under the Integrated Main Infrastructure Plan

4 june 2019

"Scale, volumes of cargo and passenger traffics and project financial support — these 3 components must be of primary importance when preparing proposals for to the Integrated Main Infrastructure Plan (IMIP)," Tatyana Gorovaya, Head of the Department of Economics and Transport Development of the Analytical Center, said speaking at the plenary session of the Siberian Transport Forum.

The Integrated Plan for the Modernization and Expansion of the Main Infrastructure for the period up to 2024 was adopted by the government last fall and it will be the basis for the development and modernization of the transport industry for the next 6 years. Currently, it includes a structured list of transport industry construction and reconstruction activities throughout the country and consists of 9 federal projects. At the same time, the resources which could be allocated from the budget for its implementation are limited. This poses an urgent problem of selection of only the most important activities to be included to the Integrated Plan.

In 2018, the Analytical Center jointly with the Center for Infrastructure Economics developed a method for ranking certain activities to include them to the Integrated Plan, which was tested at the initial pool of projects.

"What's worths attention when preparing proposals for the Integrated Plan? First, the project must be a large-scale, this means it must solve not only exclusively intraregional issues but also influence general social and economic development of the country," Ms Gorovaya said.

Second, it is important to provide data on the foreseeable cargo and passenger traffic and confirm them with a corresponding substantiation — which factors will increase this indicators and why exactly this growth is expected. "It is more important to perform a maximum accurate assessment during the planning phase rather than obtain a negative result upon completion of the project," Ms Gorovaya stressed out. "Don't forget that operation costs will be required in the future."

Also, it is necessary to pay attention to financial support of the projects. "The federal budget is limited, so the projects that are co-financed by the regions from their regional budgets or by the local investors have more chances to be included to the Integrated Plan if such projects produce social and economic effects," the expert noted.