The economic incentive system is what we need for transport complex development

17 april 2014

“The system of economic influencing and incentivizing should become the basis for the mechanism that implements the tasks of innovative development of transport complex. This is the only way to increase competitiveness of local carriers and carriers from the countries of Customs Union and Eurasian Economic Space”, - consideres the expert of the Analytical Center Mikhail Nizov. This idea was presented in his report at the All-Russian Conference on creation of measures aiming at increasing labor productivity and cost reduction, as well as monitoring the investment projects in transport complex. The Conference was organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation.

According to the expert opinion, realization of economic influencing and incentivising should not change the existing taxation system, because frequent rules changes are detrimental to business. At the same time, this realization should ensure economic fairness and the possibility to provide safe and quality transportation services. A good example of this approach is the experience of the Ministry of Transport in developing the solutions for discovered problems and in improving the situation in the road service sector through attracting scientists, civil society, businesses and representatives of public authorities. The concept for developing the road service facilities and the Road Map were subjects of expert discussion at the Analytical Center.

“We need to solve an uneasy but a very important key task. It must start with the development of the Concept for economic influencing and incentivising in the motor vehicles sector”, - said Mikhail Nizov.