Cooperation Between BRICS Nations Can Help Achieve Sustainable Development Goals

24 april 2019

What is the mission of the BRICS nations in the achievement of the 17 sustainable development goals set by the UN? That was the question experts discussed at a round table on the sustainable development goals and BRICS hosted by the Analytical Center.

Pavel Knyazev, Deputy Head of the Department for Foreign Policy Planning of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, noted that BRICS play an important role in global politics and economy. "Over time the five nations have become an important proponent of the polycentric world idea. Acting through collective decisions we should be able to meet the present-day economic, social and environmental challenges that are holding us back from meeting the sustainable development goals," Mr. Knyazev noted.

The notion of BRICS initially emerged as a global economic phenomenon in the context of the global financial crisis, Georgy Toloraya, the executive director of the National Committee for BRICS research, noted. And this function must remain key for the organization. BRICS nations will only be able to achieve sustainable development goals if they manage to implement their national strategies that include the key targets of sustainable development.

Meanwhile, Leonid Grigoriev, the chief adviser to the Head of the Analytical Center, is of the opinion that today the BRICS nations have significant differences in production, consumption and environmental situation, which means that when they develop their national strategy each country must first and foremost consider its own priorities in the context of its current level of development.

The round table participants noted that as the digital economy is gathering steam the BRICS nations should more closely cooperate on the re-industrialization of their economies and on achieving technological breakthroughs. Specifically, the experts suggested paying closer attention to the development of international e-trading platforms.

"The BRICS association has created a framework for solving major problems," Mr. Toloraya added. "The main long term goal here is to formulate a new socio-economic development model for the BRICS nations and other friendly countries that will meet the needs of our time."

It should be reminded that the Analytical Center heads up the work on the voluntary national review of the achievement of the sustainable development goals. The review will cover both the sustainable development indicators as well as the measures and projects that are supposed to help achieve the sustainable development goals.