Experts discussed using open-source software in the public sector

11 april 2014

Adviser to the Directorate for Information Technologies of the Analytical Center Ivan Kudryashov took part in the Russian Open Source Summit 2014 dedicated to development of open-source software in Russia.

Participants of the Summit titled as «From open codes to open standards and platforms» spoke about a shift in priorities for using open-source software and implementing it as a universal technology platform for interoperability of information systems.

Ivan Kudryashov spoke about open-source software implementation in the public sector during the section on «Open standards and platforms: a guarantee of interoperability»

«The contracting authority often opts for specific version which exist in the market, instead of choosing between open-source and proprietary software», expert pointed out. However, according to him, the open-source software aspirations to use open standards as well as severe competition between open-source and proprietary software contributes to interoperability development of the existing software platforms. In a number of cases it make it possible to ignore the criteria of information compatibility with software already implemented by the contracting authority.