The new stage of legislative development in the field of energy conservation and energy efficiency improvement is commencing

11 april 2014

While giving his speech at the Forum for the members of the self-regulatory non-profit partnership «Council for energy audit companies in the field of oil and gas industry”, expert of the Analytical Center Dmitry Khomchenko urged heads of energy audit companies to participate in the discussion of the whole range of upcoming legislative amendments more actively as the ultimate implementation of set objectives on energy conservation and energy efficiency improvement will depend on the willingness and the possibility of the business community to accept and abide by the “rules of the game” established in the given field.

Within the framework of the discussion on «The new stage of legislative development in the field of energy conservation and energy efficiency improvement» Mr. Khomchenko presented in detail all the key objectives to legally regulate a considerable number of issues that hamper implementation of energy conservation and energy efficiency improvement projects. The issues in question come up despite all efforts made on the federal level to enhance business community activities in the given field. 

According to experts, at present a critical number of legal amendments - both already implemented and just being planned - are being cumulated. It will inevitably lead to a turning point in the existing situation in the field of energy efficiency improvement and will allow delivering goals set several years ago to reduce Russia’s GDP energy consumption with respect to 2010. Far too little from what was designed several years ago has been successfully put into practice though. Many targets were never achieved within the prescribed time limits or were achieved with the quality of their implementation being such that it caused new and far more serious problems. One of them was the quality of many energy examinations which were carried out with no clear purpose in mind, simply because they were compulsory. The credibility of energy performance certificates prepared on the basis of those results – the certificates remain official documents executed for their own sake with no legally established objective – is rather dubious. Addressing the existing situation, at the very end of last year experts brought up for consideration certain proposals to eliminate the obligatory nature of energy examinations and replace them with other forms of relevant data collection and analysis. However, Dmitry Khomchenko believes that despite the problem being rather acute one should not go from one extreme to the other without fully assessing all consequences the taken decisions might have or without considering several plausible solutions to the existing crisis.