National Data Management System should Go Online by Late 2021

13 march 2019

The Analytical Center expert Tatiana Radchenko talked about the National Data Management System at the workshop 'Tariff Regulation during a Digital Transformation.'

The national program 'Digital Economy of the Russian Federation' must be implemented in its entirety by 2025, Ms. Radchenko reminded those present. "As they work to implement the Russian President's decree No. 204 government agencies and ministries are drafting their own industry programs: the Ministry of Construction is working on the digitization of housing utilities, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Energy are working on the programs 'Digital Transportation and Logistics', 'Digital Agriculture' and 'Digital Energy Sector' accordingly. In order for all those programs to be implemented correctly the systems approach is needed to big data processing. For this reason the state has begun developing the National Data Management System and the Analytical Center is directly taking part in those efforts," the expert explained.

According to Ms. Radchenko, the National Data Management System is being developed to improve the availability of government data as well as ensure that they always remain consistent, full, up to date and protected at all times. In order to achieve that a number of requirements have been imposed on the National Data Management System, inter alia, those having to do with monitoring the quality of data, standardization of data management requirements, development of a shared environment and partner ecosystems, to ensure that primary data have to be entered only once, and specify who must be responsible for entering such data into the system.

Ms. Radchenko talked in detail about the key requirements for the system and its operation logic. She also noted that the Ministry of Communications had been appointed the National Data Management System coordinator and the Ministry of Economic Development had been put in charge of methodological support. The Analytical Center is a center of competencies.

According to Ms. Radchenko, the procedure for introducing the National Data Management System is as follows. Upon completing the basic methodology development, data management experiments will be carried out, after that the system is to be developed and deployed in stages. The major preparation work for the introduction of the system is to be completed this year. The system must be fully operational by late 2021.