Government publishes information about national projects

12 february 2019

The Russian Government's website has published information about national projects in 12 areas of strategic development identified in the Russian President's Decree No. 204 dated May 7, 2018 on the National Development Goals and Strategic Objectives of the Russian Federation in the Period until 2024."

The publications were prepared using the passports of the national projects approved by the Presidium of the Russian Presidential Council for Strategic Development and National Projects on December 24, 2018. The national projects aim to achieve the breakthrough scientific and technological and socio-economic development of the Russian Federation while improving the living standards of citizens and creating the conditions and opportunities for the self-realization and development of talents of every person.

The publications present the main targets and the expected outcomes of the 12 national projects in a brief and easy-to-follow format; the projects are: Healthcare, Education, Demography, Culture, Safe and High-Quality Motorways, Residential Housing and Urban Environment, Ecology, Science, Small and Medium-Sized Business and Support of Sole Proprietorship, Digital Economy, Labor Productivity and Support of Employment, International Cooperation and Exports. The publications also contain key information about the structure, targets and intended outcomes of the comprehensive plan for the modernization and expansion of the national transport infrastructure in the period until 2024.