Innovation policy implementation calls for strict mechanisms

3 april 2014

Expert of the Analytical Center Evgeny Gasho presented a report on “Ways of increasing heating system efficiency” at the Investment Policy Committee meeting of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The Investment Policy Committee meeting was devoted to implementation of “technology corridors” to stimulate innovation in the Russian economy.

According to Evgeny Gasho, the term “induced innovation” was designed and put into use by the Innovation Department of the journal “Expert” to circumscribe a combination of various measures used to stimulate technological innovation in the field of national economy. In his report the expert pointed out that at the current stage of industrial policy implementation, energy policy in particular, tough measures and mechanisms seem to be of a greater relevance: regulatory documents determining the rules of the game (standards, regulations, requirements and product parameters). More advanced and complex mechanisms currently implemented by the Western countries (such as benefits, voluntary agreements, business mechanisms, energy management) have not yet been widely implemented.

“At the same time, according to population surveys, it is the strict quality and product and services safety requirements that the overwhelming majority supports, which is a crucial factor in the case of consistent and seamless state industrial policy implementation”, - Gasho emphasized.