Ranking will allow evaluating new projects before including them in the Comprehensive Plan

7 february 2019

The method of ranking of individual activities (projects), approved by the Government Commission for Transport on January 29, 2019, will allow an unbiased assessment of feasibility of including new projects in the Comprehensive Plan for modernization and expansion of the main infrastructure in its transport part.

The Comprehensive Plan was approved by Government Decree No. 2101-r of September 30, 2018. It includes 9 federal projects aimed at modernization and expansion of transport infrastructure. Their implementation will ensure the development of the "West – East" and "North – South" transport corridors for the shipping of goods and will increase the level of economic interconnection of Russian regions through expansion and modernization of railway, aviation, road, marine and river infrastructure.

Each federal project in the Plan provides for certain measures (projects), which, as a result of their implementation, lead to the achievement of particular goals set by the Plan. In the process of their implementation, federal projects may be adjusted by resolution of the Project Committee (its members are approved by the Government Commission for Transport). In particular, it is possible to include new individual activities that will contribute to the achievement of the goals set by the Plan.

A wide range of applicants may initiate new projects: from federal authorities to non-governmental organizations. Before being submitted to the Project Committee, each such proposal will be evaluated using the ranking method. It is based on the assessment of contribution of the proposed projects to the achievement of the goals set in the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of May 7, 2018 No. 204 "On national goals and strategic objectives of the Russian Federation through to 2024".

Based on the results of review of the submitted materials, the Analytical Center will inform the applicant and the head of the federal project about the results of the ranking and will make recommendations on the expediency (or inexpediency) of inclusion of the new project in the respective federal project of the Comprehensive Plan. The joint resolution (or minutes of a reconciliation meeting in case of disagreement) together with the proposal for the new project will be submitted for consideration by the Project Committee.

So far, the projects included in the Plan have been evaluated using a temporary project ranking methodology that is used to complete the plan. The approved methodology clarifies a number of the evaluation parameters, including taking into account the effects of eliminating bottlenecks in the main infrastructure and the high weight of evaluation of projects implemented under international agreements/contracts.

You may access the approved methodology on the website of the Analytical Center.

The Analytical Center will also be involved in monitoring the implementation of the federal projects of the Plan in accordance with the Guidelines for monitoring and amending the Plan (also approved by the Government Commission for Transport). By order of Maxim Akimov, Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of the Government Commission for Transport, the Analytical Center should submit proposals for improving administration of the Comprehensive Plan by March 10, which is to be worked out jointly with the Department of Project Activities of the Government of the Russian Federation.