Experts speak about regulatory trends in non-raw materials exports

27 december 2018

The Analytical Center issued the new quarter digest of changes and trends in the regulation of non-raw materials exports in Russia and the world. Experts analyzed the legislative changes that came into force in Q3 2018 and the planned changes concerning the non-raw materials export regulation in Russia, the EEU and the world.

The review authors write about the goals and objectives of the national project (program) "International Cooperation and Exports" and present a number of legislative innovations in customs and tax administration, foreign exchange legislation, etc.

In the context of cooperation between Russia and the EEU, the experts reviewed issues related to the digital declaration and transnational legislation governing the digital interdepartmental interaction, deliveries that use navigational seals, the standardization of the single window mechanisms in the EEU countries and expansion of cooperation in transport.

The review also looks at news about exports of specific products, veterinary supervision, development of border oversight and transport and logistics support of exports of non-raw materials products as well as state support measures for exports of services, including the Russian pilot project aimed at supporting tour operators.

The attention of the analytics was drawn to introduction of zero import tariffs on a number of products in the EEU and China adopting the Customs Convention on international transfer of cargoes using the Carnet TIR, which opened up new opportunities for the transportation of goods.

The authors of the review also presented news from around the world about exports of goods and services.

For to help the exporters, the analysts continue to publish the logistics statistics and analyze the trends in the cost and lead times for cargo deliveries from Russia to foreign destinations in Q3 2018.

For the other reviews of the changes and trends in the regulation of the non-raw materials exports in Russia and around the world follow this link.

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