Experts suggest defining the basic digital economy terms

27 december 2018

Participants in a roundtable titled "Digital Economy Glossary" organized by the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media in conjunction with the Analytical Center concluded it was necessary to define the basic terminology of the digital economy.

"To start with, there is no single generally accepted definition for the term "digital economy". Our task is to come up with terminology and definitions to help the digital market run more smoothly," said Vladimir Rumyantsev, General Director of the Digital Platforms Foundation for the Development of the Digital Economy.

In the opinion of the experts, defining such basic notions as "digital economy", "digital transformation", "digital platform" should help both businesses and the state digitize their processes more quickly.

Pavel Bilenko, the Head of Industry 4.0 Educational Programs at the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO, was one of the people who talked about the need for a shared body of terminology. He talked about how back in 2017 the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO joined forces with the Ministry of Industry and Trade to try and define basic terminology for digital production. According to him, international experience shows that the terminology used by production companies around the world in such places like China, the US and Europe is not understood by representatives of universities and colleges. "These problems can be solved if we develop common terminology," the expert believes.

Meanwhile, Aleksey Galyuzhin, Deputy Head of the Department for the Coordination of Digitization at the Ministry of Communications, said that his ministry was already planning to draw up an action plan to develop common definitions for all existing terminology. "We want to take into account the opinion of the expert community," he concluded.