Experts analyzed the consumer demand for air travel

5 december 2018

Air travel in Russia has proved highly sensitive to fluctuations in economic activity and the ruble exchange rate. And yet it has grown significantly since 2017. Those are the conclusions drawn by the Analytical Center experts in their bulletin "Consumer demand for air travel".

While in 2015-2016, domestic flights dominated in air travel sales, 2017 saw an increase in international flights. The authors of the bulletin claim this was a result of the resumption of charter flights to Turkey, a most popular destination among the Russian tourists, and a successful compensation for the shortage in carrier capacity that followed the bankruptcy of Transaero.

Even though in recent years only 29% of the population have used air travel, the share of household expenditures on this mode of transport in Russia continues to grow. The introduction of fares that don't include luggage and the increase in low cost traffic have held back fare increases in air travel and have allowed the public to choose to go from city to city by air more often, the bulletin says.

In addition, the experts expect to see more direct flights between regional centers resulting in decrease of stop overs through Moscow airports/

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