2018 Human Development in Russia Report Published

30 november 2018

The new stage of the technology revolution demands transition to a more flexible development model mainly aimed at finding and adopting the innovative solutions. Russia, like a lot of other countries around the world, tries to achieve sustainable development to ensure the effective use of its research and technology potential, as well as the human and natural resources of the country over the long term. The Analytical Center experts described the various aspects of innovative development in the new Report on the human development in Russia, titled "People and Innovations", which was presented earlier at the Analytical Center.

Conceptually, the report builds upon the ideas of the previous reports. In 2016, the experts adapted the targets and indicators of the UN Sustainable Development Goals to Russian realities. In 2017, attention was devoted to the ecology and environment, public health, and their links to economic development. The 2018 report suggest undertaking a comprehensive analysis of the role of innovations and looking into whether the consequences of the modern stage in the science and technology progress can be kept track of in the context of sustainable development.

"Sustainable development is focused on by the whole world now. Over 80% of businesses are now including it in their plans. In 2016, we were the first organization in Russia to try and understand the meaning of the sustainable development goals for Russia. In sustainable development, the focus is on people and their welfare. But that means a different development logic that takes into account economic, social and environmental aspects," noted Sergey Bobylev, co-author of the Report, Head of the Department of Economics of Use of Natural Resources at the Economics Faculty of Moscow State University.

"We tried to create an intellectual product for sustainable development goals," explained chief advisor to Head of the Analytical Center, co-author of the Report, Leonid Grigoriev. "If we review the Presidential Decree, our national goals until 2024 are aligned with 17 UN sustainable development goals through 2030."

The report comprises 11 chapters, each looking at a specific aspect of the problem. "The first chapter looks specifically at the sustainable development goals. It's the common thread in the entire report. Then, we have chapters penned by our invited authors that deal with how innovations impact people. We've gathered the best content available today. The last chapter is about how consumption and day-to-day life changes as a result of the adoption of new technologies," Leonid Grigoriev said.

Read the Report on the human development in Russia, titled "People and Innovations".