First and foremost, it is the general public that will benefit from high speed rail (HSR) projects in Russia

29 november 2018

According to Analytical Center expert Mikhail Krupin, it is the ordinary Russians that stand to gain the most from the implementation of HSR projects in Russia.

"There will also be benefits for the economy and for the country as a whole. The presidential decree says we need to effect a technological breakthrough and we understand that HSR is a high tech project that can serve as a universal method for achieving the kind of technological breakthrough the president is talking about in his decree," Mr Krupin said, speaking at a roundtable titled "HSR as a New Mode of Transport", which was held as part of the Transport Week 2018.

High speeds mean that high precision in all the parts and mechanisms is needed and that in turn means that HSR is going to drive technological development, the expert believes. Another positive, according to him, is that high speed rail is going to have a positive effect on regional development and bring the various regions of the country closer.

"High speed rail projects demand high capital expenditures," the expert noted," however, it doesn't mean we need to abandon them."

High speed rail is being actively developed all over the world. Thus, over the past 10 years China has built over 20 thousand km of high speed rail lines. "In China high speed rail is developing at break neck speed but over there all high speed projects are backed by the state. In China they have a huge population but a lot of underdeveloped territories so they are hoping that high speed rail will boost the mobility of the population, encouraging people eventually to relocate to new areas," Mr Krupin believes.