The Measures to Support Families that are Currently Available are Not Sufficient

5 october 2018

"Appreciating the fact that the success of most national projects depends on the demographic situation, the welfare of families with children becomes a top priority issue," said Analytical Center expert Inna Karakchieva speaking at the Russian National Forum 'Family Budget as the Foundation of Welfare of Russia' that was held at the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation.

Ms. Karakchieva is of the opinion that the welfare of families and the level of the opportunities available to them to a large extent determine the human capital development in the country. The better off families are the more opportunities they have for self-actualization and the more successful society is as a whole. If the family barely makes enough money to make ends meet and get the bare essentials such as food, clothes and paying the bills, they cannot meet any of other developmental needs of their child, such as education, culture and others.

"Unfortunately, the more children that a family has the greater the risks of poverty, today a third of the families with two children and half the families with three children and more are considered to be in low income," Ms. Karakchieva noted. Seeing how the demographic issue is directly related to healthcare, education, housing policy and other aspects of the overall state policy, it's not enough for decisions to be comprehensive, they must also be targeted and take into account the specifics of the region of the Russian Federation that a given family lives in.

One form of state support for families could be a social contract under which aid is provided to specific families under individual programs to help them get out of a difficult situation while the family still remains entitled to other forms of social benefits. Despite the emergence and development of new forms of support for families it is clear that the measures that are in place today are not enough, Ms. Karakchieva believes.

State policy priorities include improving the support programs for families with many children and young families, the mother capital program, creating new incentives for families to have the second and third child, which includes granting mortgage loans on preferential terms to families that have just had their second or third child.

Photo from open sources