Sustainable Economic Growth Roadmap will appear in February

3 october 2018

On September 28, the Analytical Center hosted the first meeting of the Interdepartmental Work Group on the development of the Roadmap for Sustainable Growth of Non-Resource Economy Sector.

The Interdepartmental Work Group is a successor of the Interdepartmental Work Group "Growth Strategy". It includes Deputy Heads of key ministries, the Bank of Russia and the Federal Tax Service. The group is headed by Boris Titov, the Presidential Commissioner for the Entrepreneurs' Rights, and Vladislav Onishchenko, the Head of the Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation.

The group is tasked with assessing the effects of increasing the specific volume of investments in those industries that will give the maximum effect per 1 ruble of investments with low inflation risks, as well as prioritizing measures to increase investments in each industry.

“Within the framework of the roadmap, particular proposals will be formed on priority projects with the most multiplicative effect for the economy development” Boris Titov said. "First of all, these are cluster or cooperation projects. They need to be implemented based on a public-private partnership, project financing. The group will also propose solutions aimed at eliminating administrative and financial barriers.”

Mr. Titov determined the main sources of growth: development of industrial SMEs, non-shadow economy, economic recovery of "simple things", modernization and increase of labor productivity in the defense industry, aircraft and space industries, machine-tool and instrument-making, automotive industry, energy sector, production of medical equipment, increasing the depth of processing of natural resources in traditional industries, development of the future economy sectors, such as the economy of knowledge, housing, utilities and infrastructure development, and development of agribusiness.

The following cluster-type projects will be included in the Roadmap to fulfill the tasks set by the President: animal husbandry and meat processing in Kalmykia, crop production in the Tambov Region, flax cultivation and its use in tailoring in the Ivanovo Region, the Tver Region and in Moscow, furniture cluster in the Ulyanovsk Region, jewelry production in the Kostroma Region, amber mining and its further processing in the Kaliningrad Region, winemaking in Dagestan, wine tourism in the Krasnodar Territory, automotive industry in Tatarstan, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology in the Kaluga Region, advanced processing of solid waste in the Moscow Region.

Measures aimed at changing the balance of risks and profitability of the target industries will be worked out by the example of these projects.

It is expected that the first working version of the Roadmap will appear by the end of February 2019.