Experts described a typical foreign tourist

27 september 2018

Experts of the Analytical Center evaluated the impact of inbound tourism on the country's economy and described a typical foreign tourist. How much a foreigner spends in Russia, what kind of income the hoteliers get, if there is high interest in traveling to our country, where most visitors come from? The main findings are contained in a report published today.

"The average budget of a foreigner's trip to Russia is 144 thousand rubles, while about 23% of total travel costs account for accommodation, 24% for international transportation, 19% for food, and 9% for domestic passenger transportation", the report states.

According to the Analytical Center, an average foreign citizen spends 8 days in Russia, and a foreign citizen arriving for tourism purposes spends 7 days. At the same time, a foreign tourist spends, as a rule, not more than 3 nights in one hotel and most often purchases an accommodation package with breakfast or without meals. Foreigners rarely use travel packages, preferring an independent organization of their stay in Russia.

The majority of tourists in the first half of 2018 came to Russia from China (28.5%, or 448.0 thousand citizens), Germany (10.4%, or 163.7 thousand), the Republic of Korea (7.4%, or 116.8 thousand), the United States (5.7%, or 90.1 thousand) and Israel (3.7%, or 58.5 thousand).

Most foreigners visit Moscow (4.8 million foreign tourists in 2017), St. Petersburg (3.75 million), the Krasnodar Territory (900 thousand), the Primorsk Territory (640 thousand) and the Republic of Crimea (more than 500 thousand).

According to the conclusions made by the analysts, more than 40% of market participants expect growth in revenue from the provision of tourist services to foreign citizens.

At the same time, experts, referring to the data of the Federal State Statistics Agency, note that the popularity of Russia as a tourist destination in foreign countries has declined recently: the number of inbound tourist trips fell from 26.9 million in 2015 to 24.4 million in 2017. However, the analysts believe that football fans who visited Russia during the World Cup 2018 can return to Russia as tourists.

For more details, see the report "Assessing the Impact of Inbound Tourism on the Russian Economy".

Photo from open sources