Importance of combining individual energy efficiency requirements for buildings

26 september 2018

"Today, we are holding a round table within the framework of the implementation of Clause 16 of the comprehensive plan of measures to improve the energy efficiency of the Russian economy. Following the results of the discussion, we should formulate proposals for increasing the energy efficiency of the buildings being designed, in particular, multi-apartment buildings," said Tatiana Radchenko, Deputy Head of the Analytical Center, opening the round table "Improving the Energy Efficiency of Buildings Designed within Large-Scale Residential Development".

Within the framework of the round table, the experts discussed the improvement of the Set of Rules SP 50.13330.2012, as well as the use of affordable and clean energy in new buildings of different types.

"Just raising energy standards in new construction is still not enough to achieve a significant reduction in energy consumption in the building sector. The way how existing buildings with low energy efficiency are operated is very important," said Evgeny Gasho, Head of the Scientific and Technical Innovation Center for Energy Saving Technologies and Equipment. According to various estimates, the level of restructuring (an increase of thermal protection without engineering equipment of the building) is about 0.8% of the building stock per year, the expert noted. As for the proposals for the modernization of the Set of Rules SP 50.13330.2012, the expert asked to consider the possibility of monitoring various implemented energy saving measures in buildings as an application to the Set of Rules.

Stanislav Shcheglov, Head of the Area "Energy Efficiency of Buildings", expert of TechnoNicol-Building Systems believes that the changes in the Set of Rules SP 50.13330.2012 are long overdue. In the expert's opinion, it is necessary to update the methodology for calculating heat input from solar radiation and the method for recording household thermal output. "It is important to clearly define the rules for calculating heat losses through the external window slopes and to abolish the concept of the regional coefficient as a morally obsolete and harmful for implementing the policy of increasing the energy efficiency of buildings in Russia," Mr. Shcheglov believes. The expert proposed to exclude Table 15 that classifies buildings according to the energy efficiency class and to revise the methodology for calculating the thermal protection provided by the soil.

"We must admit that the results of the implementation of the updated edition of the Set of Rules SP 50.13330.2012 should be recognized as negative, cancel them on the territory of Russia and return to the previous version," said Grigory Vasiliev, Director for Science at Insolar-Invest OJSC. In case of subsequent updating of the Set of Rules it is necessary to limit it only to the requirements for thermal protection of buildings, excluding the sections related to the standardization of energy saving and energy efficiency in buildings, the expert noted.

Special attention was paid to the separate requirements of energy efficiency of buildings, which are now scattered in various regulatory documents and often contradict each other. Experts believe that they need to be combined and harmonized.