It is necessary to create optimal opportunities for the safe transportation of children

3 september 2018

"It is necessary to look at the sphere of transportation of organized groups of children with fresh eyes and understand how far those measures that are aimed at organization and security are necessary and sufficient. Do they really comply with safety standards and do not interfere with other issues, for example organizational ones?", Assistant to the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation O.Yu. Golodets, Veniamin Kaganov, said, opening the roundtable "Improvement of Measures in the Sphere of Transportation of Organized Groups of Children".

According to Veniamin Kaganov, expert discussions are necessary to find ways, with a minimum of restrictions, to create optimal opportunities for the safe transportation of children.

"The organized transportation of a group of children is transportation on a bus that does not belong to a route vehicle of 8 or more people, which is carried out without parents or other legal representatives," Analytical Center expert Inna Karakchieva said. The  expert noted that the transportation of children by school bus differs from the organized transportation of a group of children. The first type of vehicle carries out delivery and carrying of students to educational institutions and is included in the authority of local government bodies. They use vehicles owned by, or belonging on another legal basis to, a pre-school educational or general education organization, the analyst explained. In the second case, specialized vehicles (buses) are used, and here the purposes of transportation are not limited by legislation - they are excursions, travelling to a place of rest, when organizing tourist and excursion, recreational activities and others.

According to the participants of the roundtable, the situation with the transportation of children by school buses is well established, but there are difficulties in the organized transportation of groups of children.

Vladimir Rabinkov, commercial director of Evrobus LLC, believes that after the introduction of the rules for the organized transportation of groups of children (Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated December 17, 2013 No. 1177), the number of children's tourist trips has reduced sharply. "Previously, between the carriers there was a struggle for work, and now it is difficult to find a bus for a trip. It has become unprofitable for the business to deal with this work, as this process is highly regulated," the expert said. In his opinion, if Decree No. 1177 is cancelled, then the number of bus trips for children will increase dramatically, but performance indicators of the traffic police will deteriorate. "It is necessary to get rid of excess standards. For example, from the notification of the organized transportation of a group of children to the unit of the State Traffic Inspectorate, which shall be carried out no later than 2 days before the day of the start of transportation," Mr Rabinkov said.

Experts also indicated other difficulties: problems with the allocated driving lanes, the allowed speed of driving is 60 km/h, a large number of necessary documents. According to the experts, without a single approach between state regulators at the federal and regional levels, it is impossible to solve all these problems.